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Information for Solicitors

- Involve Us Right From The Start!

The earlier we are consulted on any new Unit Title Development or for any existing Body Corporate situation requiring resolution or improvement, the more positive and extensive will be our contribution. We are confident that you will be doing your client a very good turn by suggesting that we become involved as soon as possible.

Our experience in administering Bodies Corporate has led us to the creation of tailor made Operational Rules modules that are fully workable in practice. We like to be able to work and confer closely with you in this area so that, when the time comes, you can deposit Operational Rules that will be entirely appropriate to meet all of the initial and future needs of the Body Corporate.

Ask to see our modules first as this will save time and cost. Please contact us for further information.

We also have considerable experience in assisting Solicitors with the entire package of documents required for a Managed Apartments (hotel type) complex where the short-term letting of the Units is going to be conducted by a Caretaker/Manager from a central desk. For these situations we have good precedents of Management & Letting Agreements, Unit Lease Agreements and Special Conditions for Sale & Purchase Agreements.

For a number of very good reasons, we do not favour the often-encountered situation where the Caretaker/Manager is also appointed as the Body Corporate Secretary. We believe such appointments are dangerous and conflictory and, therefore, contrary to the immediate and longer-term interests of the Purchasers (i.e. the future Unit Owners).