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Information for Developers

Involve Us Right From The Start!

Engaging Pitcaithly Body Corporate Services Limited to form part of your Unit Title Development Project Team right from day one can and will bring many significant benefits to the project regarding the all-important and often disregarded Body Corporate aspects of the venture. Consideration of the Body Corporate aspects of a Unit Title Development are often relegated to the final stages by which time we often find that some matters have been set in concrete in unfortunate ways that could easily have been avoided. We have the necessary experience to be able to identify pitfalls and to be able to suggest sensible ways around them and this will often pave the way for a more successful marketing campaign.

We have seen many instances where the marketing documentation contains Body Corporate information that is either confusing or unnecessary or wrong or where bad mistakes have been made thus detracting from the incentive to buy.

We like to be able to work alongside your Lawyers, Surveyors, Architects and Marketing Agents right from the very beginning in order to help to smooth the process of planning for the Body Corporate to become safely and efficiently operational at the conclusion of the construction.

As part of our input we will ensure that, as the Developer, you do not continue paying for costs that fall on the Body Corporate after it comes into existence. This is often overlooked for quite some time.

We can assist with advising on the placement and description of the boundaries of the Units and with the drafting of the Body Corporate Rules and with the preparation of comfort material to be included in your Marketing brochure. All of these inputs will help with selling the Units and with the future operations of the Body Corporate - also a selling consideration.

All in all, we can play a vital role for you and your Development and, if we are involved from the very beginning of the Development, we can remove many potential headaches for you.