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About Pitcaithly Body Corporate Services Limited

At Pitcaithly Body Corporate Services our focus is on maintaining and enhancing the value of the Units owned by our Unit Owner clients. We extend a range of duties to provide for property maintenance and upkeep, based on the requirements of the Owner, and flexible to suit any budget.

We have vast experience and a highly skilled team who are able to deal with every situation in a professional, highly competent manner. We welcome you to contact us for the opportunity to provide soundly researched and realistic budgets, which we will recommend to Unit Owners.

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Pitcaithly Body Corporate Experience

Understandably, we occasionally have to deal with difficult people issues and other thorny problems at our Body Corporate complexes. It is our policy to always endeavour to adopt a friendly "hands on" approach in helping to resolve issues before they get out of control. However, in the few instances where there has been a lack of co-operation and Body Corporate Rules have had to be enforced, we have known how to bring about the necessary remedies. Read on for more specific examples of our experience as different situations have arisen.

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Privacy and Legal Statements

We value your privacy and take every step to ensure that your information remains confidential.

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