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Information for Chairpersons or Individual Committee Members

Body Corporate Chairpersons and/or individual Body Corporate Committee Members who become disenchanted or who feel that they no longer have the time or the energy to devote to continuing to try to manage the affairs of their Body Corporate may approach us and are welcome to do so.

There may be difficulties within the ranks of the Committee or there may be a feeling that the people in charge do not really know what they are doing or how they need to properly go about getting things done. Experience and the right knowledge is vital.

Body Corporate Chairpersons and Committees should not stand in awe of their Body Corporate Secretary. The relationship needs to be open, friendly and constant.

We will be pleased to make a presentation to your Body Corporate Committee or to a full Unit Owners' General Meeting in order to explain the benefits that we would be able to bring to your Body Corporate if we became its Secretary.