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Pitcaithly Body Corporate Experience

At PBCS we have extensive experience dealing with a multitude of concerns and issues, providing clear, professional advice and ideal solutions.
Read on for information on a variety of main concerns and problems we have experience in dealing with.

Non-payment of Levies

We have developed successful procedures for dealing with Unit Owners who do not pay their Body Corporate Levy Accounts by the applicable due dates. We always take prompt, fair and firm action in order to collect these monies quickly and, in most instances, we succeed without the need to call in the debt collectors. At stake are the interests of those Unit Owners who do pay their levies on time and we encourage late payers to be fair to their co-Unit Owners in this regard on future Levy due date occasions.

Bad Behavior by Occupants

There have been instances where we have been called in when Occupants have been noisy, unruly or inconsiderate. Offending Occupants are usually tenants who are renting a Unit and/or their visitors and our approach to these problems is usually effective straight away. Eviction soon follows after we have conferred with the Unit Owners or their Letting Agents if there is no improvement.

Leaky Buildings

We have experience in dealing with the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service.

Additions to Units

We know what needs to be done in order to bring about the necessary updating of the Unit Plan of the Body Corporate (if needed) when we become aware in advance of planned additions. We also know how to organise the retrospective updating of Unit Plans in respect of additions to Units made in the past.

Installation of Sky Satellite TV Aerial Systems

We have been involved in facilitating the availability of Sky Satellite TV to the Units in some of our Body Corporate complexes.

GST and its application to Bodies Corporate

We have fully researched the application of GST to Bodies Corporate and we have reached agreement with Inland Revenue in this poorly understood area. Our unique annual certifications can be relied upon to provide the basis for GST Input Tax Credit claims to be made by Unit Owners whose Units are being used by them for taxable activities.

Disputes with Neighbouring Property Owners

We have been involved in fencing issues, problems with neighbours' trees, road widening issues, right of entry for essential maintenance and other minor problems and we have access to sound legal advice when needed.