The Role of the Secretary

It is no longer mandatory under the Act that a Secretary be appointed. However, PBCS encourages Unit Owners to appoint them contractually to perform this role in order to provide the necessary services that a Body Corporate needs to function efficiently and in a fair and democratic manner in order to keep within all of the legal requirements. As an indication of good faith and of our confidence in our ability to properly perform the role of Secretary as intended and to the satisfaction of our Unit Owner clients, we do not try to lock ourselves in forever. Instead, we offer ourselves for contractual re-appointment every year.

We ensure that the Unit Owners' Resolutions by which our Secretarial appointments and re-appointments are made specify (in detail) all of the duties and powers relating to our secretarial role. The duties include such things as the annual renewal of insurance; preparing and distributing Notices of Annual and Extraordinary Meetings (and the Minutes of the Meetings) plus Annual Accounts and Budgets; Common Property inspections; preparing and dispatching Levy Accounts and ensuring payments are received by the due dates; banking the Levies proceeds; paying all accounts that have been budgeted for; maintaining the books of account and the Register of Unit Owners & Mortgagees and dealing with all of the many events and enquiries that inevitably arise from time to time.

In fact, we perform all of the tasks, functions and roles that usually have to be undertaken by Committee Member volunteers and this creates the often welcome scenario for removing the need to have an active Body Corporate Committee.

Essential attributes for a good Body Corporate Secretary are to be readily available; to be a good communicator; to have good leadership and people skills; to have access to good Contractors; to be always respectful and fair towards Unit Owners and Occupiers of Units; to have a high level of broadly based commercial/business experience and to have the necessary specialist knowledge relating to Bodies Corporate and the laws under which they must operate.

The fundamental requirement, however, is to be free of all possible conflicts of interest so as to be able to act independently and impartially at all times in the best interests of all. Click here for more information on Conflicts of Interest.

No Body Corporate Secretary should ever be appointed before full details of his/her experience and qualifications have been notified to those making the appointment and every care needs to be taken to ensure there are no possible conflicts of interest. Click here for more information on Conflicts of Interest.

Pitcaithly Body Corporate Services Limited is one of only a very few Body Corporate service providers in the South Island of New Zealand that meets the necessary criteria to be a good Secretary as defined above.

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