Making Additions to Units

An important obligation on Unit Owners relating to this matter arises by virtue of the Act. A serious breach will arise if additions or structural alterations or (in some cases) other changes are made to Units without first obtaining the consent of the Body Corporate.

Naturally, Local Authority Building Consents must also be obtained where applicable as this requirement, is an obvious by-law requisite of the Local Authority, We are able to assist Unit Owners with the process of endeavouring to obtain the necessary Body Corporate consents to facilitate desired additions/alterations/changes.

Additions to Units, in some instances, will involve a Unit Owner in having to undertake to arrange and pay for the cost of changing the Unit Plan of the Body Corporate following their completion. We know what needs to be done in order to bring about the necessary changes to the Unit Plan in these circumstances and can give an indication of the likely costs.

Where additions have been made over a period of time and they are such that the Unit Plan no longer reflects the current boundaries of the Units or the outlines of the buildings contained within the Principal Unit areas, there are likely to be difficulties when it comes to selling affected Units. We know what needs to be done to organise an updating of Unit Plans in respect of past additions to Units.

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