Grounds/Building Maintenance

A well run Body Corporate will ensure that the Common Property comprising the grounds, some parts of the buildings and other amenities (pools, tennis courts, etc) look their best at all times. As Secretary of our various Body Corporate client complexes we engage reliable independent Contractors in their various fields to carry out all necessary Common Property maintenance tasks as and when required - either for regular work on an ongoing basis or to attend to one-off tasks. It is our objective to ensure that the work performed is always of a high standard.

We encourage Unit Owners to draw our attention to maintenance needs observed by them from time to time.

It is the legal duty of every Unit Owner to ensure that their Units are maintained to an acceptable standard. As a totally independent Secretary of our Body Corporate client complexes we endeavour to ensure that this is done in a manner that causes the least amount of pain and/or conflict with other Unit Owners.

We can also assist Unit Owners to find a suitable Contractor to undertake work in or on their Units when the work required to be undertaken has to be at their own private cost.

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