What does a Unit Comprise?

The Certificate of Title in Stratum Estate for each Unit in a Unit Title complex gives details of the legal description of the Principal Unit and of any Accessory Unit/s. Principal Units and Accessory Units both fall within the definition of "Units." The Certificate of Title will also give details of the Deposited Plan Number of which the Unit/s are part. A typical Certificate of Title will show these as (say) PRINCIPAL UNIT 5 and ACCESSORY UNIT 5A on DEPOSITED PLAN 123456.

The (Deposited) Unit Plan will have been lodged at the applicable Land Registry Office and this will show precisely where the boundaries of all of the Principal Units and Accessory Units are situated. The boundary descriptions will pinpoint the exact locations of the outer vertical perimeters of the Units as well as the locations of their horizontal heights and depths.

It is not uncommon for Unit boundaries to encompass some uncovered land areas in the case of ground floor Units and balconies and/or open deck areas on floors above ground level plus the cubic airspace immediately above the surface of such land or deck areas up to the height limit stated on the Unit Plan. At the same time the depth limits of many ground floor Units will mean that some earth below ground level forms part of those Units.

Where one or more of the vertical boundary edges adjoins another Unit or Units, the actual boundary is usually the vertical centre of a wall or fence or other form of boundary line that adjoins the other Unit/s.

This means that each Principal and Accessory Unit is comprised of a definable and measurable cubic area that may be partly building, partly airspace and partly earth below ground level. Accessory Units are often car parking spaces and, of course, these are mostly nothing more than defined airspace situated in a precise location either inside a building or outside.

Albeit that the Body Corporate is the notional owner of the Common Property of the Body Corporate Complex, an undefined and unallocated share of and interest in the Common Property is automatically deemed to be part of every Unit. The proportionate share of the whole of the Body Corporate Complex (including its Common Property) that is applicable to each Principal Unit and to each Accessory Unit is reflected in the number of Utility Interests that are allocated to each of those Units. The allocated number of Utility Interests applicable for each Principal Unit and each Accessory Unit is shown on the Unit Plan and it is the allocation of these Utility Interests that determines the manner in which costs are shared.

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